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Rune 2 – Visual Scripting for Betadwarf Entertainment

So my blog has been pretty silent for almost a year now, but it’s only because I’ve spent the last year working at BetaDwarf Entertainment as a programmer, so I’ve spent my time writing lots of code and not enough writing about writing code! Today I’d like to share some information on one of the systems I’ve helped develop during my time at BetaDwarf.

Everyone at BetaDwarf is hard at work producing the not yet released title Forced 2 : The Rush, which is currently in alpha. In the debut title Forced a visual scripting language was created to allow designers to set up world events for in game actions such as creatures spawning, or cutscenes. Based on the usefulness of this tool, it was decided early on in Forced 2 that a visual scripting language was needed...

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