Untitled – WIP

The project I am currently working on a voxel based god game, with a programmer friend.  This is my first project to truly work completely in three dimensions, and it has many high performance requirements. We have been working on various implementations of isosurface extraction from voxels. We have experimented with a few possibilities over the past six months, all terrain generation generated in C# code in Unity, all terrain code handled by a C++ rendering plugin hooked into Unity and CUDA based terrain construction hooked into Unity via a rendering plugin. We have also experimented with two different extraction algorithms, Marching Cubes and Dual Contouring.

At the moment we have chosen to make a “game” push where the primary focus over the next few weeks will be creating gameplay systems, before returning to the selection of terrain generation that will be used. This project has taught me a massive amount about topics such as low level graphics programming (DirectX), GPU programming (CUDA), optimization, C++, and voxels. There are many challenges ahead but so far we’ve made some pretty neat stuff.


Below are some screenshots and videos of the game at various stages of development

Cuda Marching Cubes

Nutrient Flow Particles