Cakewalk – Ludum Dare #23

Cakewalk is a small platformer made for Ludum Dare 23 for the theme Tiny Worlds. In this game you play a small candle like character navigating across the top of a cake, fighting off deadly leaper toads, making ridiculous jumps with poor controls and finally defeating  the evil candy cane king! This game was made over a three day period, my sister Starfeesh did all of the art assets, while I did all of the coding.

This project taught me that platforming controls can be a pain if implemented with Unity physics. This was also a 2D game made before I had access to any 2D packages in Unity so it was a bit trying at times. In the end though we had a nice little game with two, quite difficult, levels.

cakewalkintro cakewalkgame

You can play the game here.