Rel Por

Rel Por – An Ultima Online Freeshard

Rel Por was a custom freeshard for Ultima Online, based on the RunUO (C#) server kit. This was my first real project, spanning a six month period, where deadlines were demanding and quality code necessary. The work done was rather diverse, and many new systems were implemented atop the existing RunUO codebase. This project taught me a lot about working with an existing codebase to achieve interesting results in a timely fashion. Some of the systems I implemented are described below. The scope of the changes was considerable and along with the new systems a custom world was created by some of the team members.

Citizenship System

A faction based system was designed and implemented to allow players to declare allegiance to a city, and gain benefits in the form of skill boosts, reduced merchant costs and many more. A voting system was implemented so that leaders could be chosen by a city’s populace and decide which benefits the citizens would receive.  Furthermore a citizen could choose to join the township’s militia, gaining further benefits but flagging as an enemy to rival townships.

Rel Por Citizens Rel Por Militia Rewards Town Information Township Editor

Hero System

This system is a PvP game system implemented to incite battles between rival townships. A town hero was locate in a special township zone accessible from within the towns, a town hero could be captured by rival militia members and led to their township hero zone for extra bonuses for a set period of time.

Wars of Vorshun

This was another PvP game, in essence a capture and hold game on an island. Systems were implemented to allow flags to be raised and points to accrue, the winners receiving a bonus. An interesting addition I made was a custom map that would show captured points (slightly unusual for Ultima Online UI).

Item Imbuing

Items could be upgraded with artificats found on monster corpses, the system allowed players proficient in blacksmithing to apply these artifacts to weapons and armor using implemented hammers.

Item Imbuing Item Imbuing Equipped Imbued Weapon

Water Taxis

Ultima Online allows players to control boats, however we decided based on world size to not allow this ability. Instead water taxis were implemented that would navigate from port to port.


MyRelPor was a web based application I implemented to allow players see some character information on a website, and forced account creation to happen over a web service, thereby reducing the amount of bots in the game by restricting account creation to two accounts per IP. This was quite a task, and while in the end it worked out alright, was a bumpy road. This was my first exposure to database backends, and messaging systems were implemented to keep up with the constant updates by hundreds of players at a time.

My Rel Por