Zombieland – Ludum Dare #20

My first ever “complete” Unity 3D game Zombieland was built for Ludum Dare Jam 20 in April 2011. All code and assets were made by me over a three day period. The theme for the Ludum Dare was “It’s not safe to go alone! Take this!”, my take on this was to give the player a handy weapon to defend themselves against waves of zombies in this top down shooter. Background story of the game is told by SMS messages on cellphones that can be picked up around the level. The game includes two levels, one base level and a boss level.

This game was quite a challenge as I had never really tried to do a game jam before, and the time pressure was intense. Even more so since I produced all of the art for the game, and it shows. Despite the bugs, it can be moderately fun for a few minutes. It was great fun, and got me hooked on trying to attend game jams as often as possible.