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DirectCompute Particles on a Path

My Rel Por

For the past week I’ve been working on flows for the god game I’m working on. In the game there will be orbs, as seen in the picture above. Orbs come in different types, with a varying number of inputs and outputs.  You can see the definition of each orb type below. When an orb has a nearby neighbor it can possibly receive an output flow that that orb to the neighbor. These orbs are therefore connection points, and the flow moves from orb to orb. In the game these will grow fish populations, or possibly be hazardous and must be redirected.

  • Source orb – 3 outputs

  • Source sink orb – 2 outputs, 1 input

  • Sink orb – 3 inputs

  • Pass through orb – 1 output, 1 input

  • Combination orb – 1 output, 2 input

I started out prototyping a very simple version using LineRenderer in Unity, but ...

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